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Franchise Sonnensegel

Weitere Informationen zu unserem Franchise-System finden Sie unter


We offer our shade sails to you for distribution within Poland:

  • by using our internet site (, without any fee (the shop function and the B2B part need to be translated - by our help)
  • for direct marketing to consumers (B2C) or to resellers (B2B) employing the internet shop
  • exclusive within Great Britain (comprising all distribution channels)

We are the inventor of the Seilspannmarkise (Wire Rope-Suspended Awning) - A success story in Germany: (successful B2C + B2B internet marketing) and knowledgeable distribution to all kind of resellers (retail, mail order, wholsale)

Products (Shade Sails/Seilspannmarkisen - Plant Supports), concepts and function of the internet shop site/shop are to be seen here:

Advantageous to cooperate with us would be:

  • marketing experience in the non-food area - especially garden and garden furniture
  • existing logistics for mail order or wholesale

We are looking forward to your response - please contact:

deutsch/english:    Peddy Shield Sonnenschutzsysteme GmbH
Johannes-Kepler-Straße 30
51377 Leverkusen
Phone: +49 (0)214 - 20 60 87 0
Fax: +49 (0)214 - 20 60 87 29
Managing Director: Clemens Dreimann

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